Glide API not showing correct data in table

Hi, I have a form in Webflow, when submitted, Zapier Webhooks posts via API to my Glide table.

It was working fine until I noticed this strange behavior.

I have two different fields in the form to input a number.

For one of those fields, Glide is changing an inputed number in the form (for example 250,000), and in my Glide table, it’s displaying it as ‘250’. Basically, it removes the 0’s after the comma.

For the second field, its not displaying the number at all, the field is just empty in Glide.

I double checked in my Zapier webhook to see if everything is ok on both Webflow and Glide ends, and it seems fine.

Here are some screenshots:

**This is the field that’s removing the 0’s:

Zapier is showing that the correct number was pulled from the input field in Webflow - 250,000**
Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 6.22.48 PM

and Glide is displaying 250 in the table

This is my setting for the field in Glide:

And this is the field that’s not showing numbers at all:

Zapier is showing the correct number pulled from Webflow - 1,250,000

Glide is displaying nothing for this field

settings for this field in Glide

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong here, or if there’s a bug.

EDIT: I have javascript in Webflow on these input fields to insert comma separators when user is inputing number. I don’t believe this is causing the issue as 1) it was working fine before up until today, and 2) in Zapier, you can clearly see that the entire number was pulled correctly as user inputed on Webflow.

What if you remove all the thousand separators before the Glide API step?

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I will try to temporarily remove it in the morning to see if that does anything. I need it to be there while user is typing for UX purposes since users usually type big numbers and it needs to be clear and user friendly.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, it was working fine up until today.

I’ll update tomorrow if anything changes.

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