Number of users using app

Hi, When I log into Glide apps, it is not showing number of users using this app.
When I designed the previous test app, it was showing. I renamed the test app and used the same app name in the new app I designed with the different email address.
Please help.

What do you se instead of user counts? Did you change the app link?

It says “a few users in last 30 days” but many users has installed.

I created the app in a an email first and gave the app name. Then I renamed this app and released the original app name.
Then I designed the app in the different email address and used the same app name.
I changed the logo on the app.
When I install it is neither installing the app with the correct logo. It is showing a green bulb.
And also, it is not showing number of users downloaded it.

You created a new app with the same name. Glide doesn’t know that it has anything to do with the app you made with a different email address.

Hi David,

Glide allowed me the rename the old app and release the name and allowed me to used the same name in the new app. I was instructed by your support. Then how would I loose this important piece of information. Can I recover it anyways please

In my opinion, it’s only a 30 day stat, so the number of users today would be irrelevant in a month. How would you expect it to work if you released a link and somebody you didn’t know took possession of it? They wouldn’t want to see your stats. I assume stats are tied to each unique app and not to a unique url.

Release your new app and once you have more than 10 users, you’ll see a count.

Anyone can make an app called “X” — the user counts are all independent.