Number of folders in Business legacy

The number of folders in a team seems to be limited to 8 - at least any new folder that I try to create disappears…Pls Help

@NoCodeAndy Do we have any documented limits regarding this? Thank you.

Seems to work okay for me :man_shrugging:

I did a reload just to make sure they would stick.

Darren, Thanks for trying - so this is before trying to add a new folder

After I click anywhere the folder is gone…

I would suggest contacting the support team using the Intercom integration on the bottom right in your builder.

This is the answer I am getting:

Am I to assume that the terms team and folder are not clear? Or was the answer AI generated :smiley:

That was an AI-generated response. :slight_smile:

Instead of clicking anywhere after typing the folder name, try hitting Enter.

I had the same issue as you – clicking outside of the field cancels the folder creation – but hitting Enter locked it in.



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