Number entry vs choice entry

The Number entry is realtime, is there a way to use the choice compont realtime as well? I need people to choose from 16 different numbers and give them realtime feedback.

What exactly do you mean by real time?

Do you mean that you can take the value entered and do something with it and show a result on the screen?

Also, what is the context here? Is this inside a form screen (add or edit), or a details screen?

Anyway, just reading between the lines - my guess is that you need to be writing the value to a user specific column. And yes, you could use a choice component.

If my guess is off, then you need to provide more information :slight_smile:

It’s a medical calculator. People need to choose volume (2400 / 2300 > 500) and time (24 / 23 > 5) and then the simple calculation volume/time and a warning if that is more than 125.

So this is inside a form screen?

I was looking at a template where the calculator was the home screen. So no form. The calculation was happening real time with the changing numbers. I did like that. But I could use a form too of course.

It would have to be in a detail screen. It won’t work in a form.

I don’t see any reason why a choice component shouldn’t work. It shouldn’t be any different than a number entry. Can you show how the choice component is configured?

Ah sorted, works now, don’t know what I did wrong!

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