Choice component doesn't "lock in" dynamic (NOW calc) values once they're selected but editor does?

I’m looking to move more NOW calculations to GE to set up a faster flow for users modifying reservations (without editing existing row). Only END times can be modified once a reservation starts and those END times are based on Now + hour increments selected from a choice component and mapped to a user-specific column.

Those choice values will populate fine in the choice component and refresh on the minute (or second depending on your date formatting).

If a user selects 3:00 PM a couple of seconds before 12:01 PM (current NOW), and the component is back to non- pull-down state, that time value will disappear from the choice component if they don’t proceed through the flow fast enough.

On the other hand, if the choice component is in its pulled-down state during the refresh (12:00 PM --> 12:01 PM), they can see the time values updating with **no disturbance** to the component.

I would have expected the refresh to be consistent in pull-down state and non.

Interestingly, despite the time value disappearing when the component is pulled-up, it remains intact in the user-specific column and I could feed it back to the sheet if I wanted to. But from the user’s perspective, the selection they made is gone.


Absent of a way to emulate CEILING/FLOOR functions in GE to round up those time values to nearest :15 to hold them in the component a little longer, is there a better way to allow a user to select a dynamic value?

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Would it be better to make the underlying Value of the choice component the value in decimal hours instead of a specific time. Then do the math in the data editor to calculate the end time from the start plus the decimal hours???

I don’t know if this would work or apply in your situation. Just shooting out some ideas.

Edit: Sorry, should have meant days in decimal form. Not hours

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hey @Jeff_Hager - I did go through go that exercise but was not able to convert the resulting decimal value back to date/time value. Not even by running it through a template cycle : )

I also tried to apply a =CEILING(column,“00:30”) to the datetime value in the sheet then using single value columns to calculate against hour increment decimals in Glide but again, can’t go from the resulting decimals to date in choice component.


Middle column = Vendor local time + :30 (from sheet)
Far right column = adjusted END time options I would want in choice component


Hi @Jeff_Hager - using the ceiling formula you created helped lock in the values in the pull-down menu here. Hurray! I did notice that when on the hour (e.g., 4:00PM) the values did bounce back and forth between 3:59PM and 4:00PM which isn’t great because that contributes to the original problem. However, it’s not happening often enough to be concerned. I didn’t notice any odd behavior on the half hour.

Both versions of your formula performed the same. I’ll stick with the second.

Thanks again for your help with this!


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Glad it worked! Just a thought on the floating between :59 and :00. You could probably get away with adding a small decimal value equivalent to 2 or 5 seconds to the resulting value of my formula. It would guarantee that it doesn’t back down to :59 and it would only be a few seconds, so the time would never round up to :01.


ahhh. I love it. I’ll definitely try that.