Number entry field not mandatory?

Choice element has Mandatory option, but Number entry doesn’t. Is that by design or did something wrong?

It can only be made mandatory if it’s on a form or edit screen.

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But both choice and number entry are on the same page

Choice is different. Making a choice component mandatory means that once you select a choice, you can never unselect it, or select blank. If it’s not mandatory, then you have the option to unselect a choice. Other entry components in a detail screen can simply be cleared if you don’t want to have a value.

There essentially is no concept of mandatory entry or not when you on are a detail screen, because you are editing an existing row in real time (meaning as you type, you are making changes to the data in the table). This is different from an Add, Edit, or Form screen where you are required to click on a submit button to save the values.

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What @Jeff_Hager said :point_up_2:

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