Number Entry: "e" is possible

Hi, in a “number entry” component, I managed to enter an “e”.



is that because numbers like 1e6 are valid?

No its because Glide is not supporting validation yet

When you paste text with an ‘e’ in it along with numbers into a number entry component, it appears to drop the text and only keep the ‘e’ along with numbers. I’m also leaning towards an (e) exponent value as well.

I tried 1e3 to see if it would result in 1000, but instead got 13. The browser’s built in validation for numeric textboxes possibly accounts for exponent values, but it looks like glide throws the char values away.

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Hi @AyS_0908,

You’ll have to do the validation yourself prior to accepting the submission.

Let me know if you need some help getting started.

So, do you think that it is probably a (little) bug?

Thanks @Cmstewart42, I had no special issue with this, just checking/informing about a potential little bug

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Maybe, but probably more of a browser spec for numeric entry.

Plus, also consider that on many devices, at least Android anyway, the only keyboard that shows up for numeric entry is the number pad. In my case, the only way to enter an e is via copy/paste and it just be prior to any numbers, otherwise it’s thrown out. There are other rules, but it depends on the HTML spec for numeric entry.

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I’m able to enter any letter or character in the Number Entry field when using from my iPhone.

BUT I cannot enter letters or symbols when using the browser, i.e., the Number Entry field only allows numbers when using a computer, but doesn’t when using an iPhone.

I’ve also found that this field type allows for empty submissions when the field is required.