Now compare field not available when using Lookup Dates

Hi there,

I have noticed that when using the visibility setting to show a component, I cannot seem to use the compare field “Now” if the column I am comparing is a Looked up Date (ie. a Date taken from another table in Glide) I instead only have the Today option.

So for example if I have a Date column in Table A set with a Date and Time,
then use a Lookup column in Table B to have the same data, when using Table B’s column I can only check that: “Table B Date | Is Before\After | Today”
Where as when doing the same action on Table A I am able to get:
“Table A Date | Is Before\After | Today\Now”

I am trying to have certain fields visibility change by being On a certain Day, but after a set time, such as 4PM.
Hopefully the above makes sense, and I am just wondering if anyone has been able to find a way of doing this with a Lookup column?
(I cannot use the original date field in this table as it is grabbing the date based on a relation)

I can provide screenshots of any components if needed :slight_smile:

You could use a couple of math columns with the formula Hour(Date)
In one, you use the Date from your Lookup column, and in the other you use “Now”.
This will give you two numbers representing the hour of the day of each, and you can do a direct numerical comparison.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy !
Turns out Math is exactly what I needed, I was not aware of the Hour(Date) options and the ability to make a current hour column to compare this with :smiley:

Thanks again :wink:

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