How do you use the "today" item

Is this a glitch or am I just using this wrong?

The date is after today, why isn’t it outputting true?

you are probably using a different format than indicated, how did you get the date in your pickup_date column?

Here is the format. I tried almost every configuration. Not sure why it’s doing this

you are probably using a different format than indicated, how did you get the date in your pickup_date column?

What would the correct format/configuration be? I tried almost everyone.

I’m considering creating a template column where I replace the variable with the NOW function, then just compare those two columns instead, but I feel like that’s a dirt way of doing it. Shouldn’t the TODAY function suffice?

One thing to be aware of is that regardless of which display format you choose, under the hood Glide still stores the full date AND time. You can see that value if you click in the cell.

So possibly that’s whats tripping things up here.

A simple fix might be to use “on or after” instead of just “after”

Working with dates and times in Glide can get very tricky.

" 2022-06-15T22:31:11.314Z "

this is the correct format in glide, are you manually typing the date in your column?

If the answer is yes, copy this format without quotes or spaces and paste them in your column to test

That seems like a good idea, thank you for that. The issue is for this app it’s crucial that the comparison has to be for the current day.

The user is not submitting the date manually, they are picking from a calendar.

If you want to eliminate the possibility that the time gets in the way, you can use a math column to convert the date to an integer. Something like this:

Year(Now) * 10000 + Month(Now) * 100 + Day(Now)

This will give you something like 20220616, which can be used to do a direct numerical comparison.


That sounds great, how would I convert a date into an integer to do the comparison though?

Just use the same formula, and use the Date as a replacement instead of Now.


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