Notification Workflow with Zapier

Hey community,

has one of you experience with setting up a notification workflow with zapier.
The idea is, that the app informs you daily at 8 in the morning about entrys n the table which have the status XY… therefore I would like to create a workflow with zapier - expecpted you have better ideas? In zapier I would like to check with “get row” the rows and look for the status and send a mail depending on the result.

Is this an idea? I stuck with setting up zapier, cause the infos about the api / zapier calls in the glideapps docu are outdated and without get rows.

Thanks for your help

Firstly, do you have access to the get rows API? I think yes?

If yes, can you specify where you are getting stuck? I think the code template they provide inside the data view is clear enough, but happy to clarify more if needed.

I get stuck by connecting from zapier to my glideapp
It looks like the screenshot I share with you here…
There are much more fields now in zapier compared to the docu and it always says, that it was not able to connect.

I don’t have experience configuring this in Zapier, but I think that the payload type should be application/json instead of form, and you should have your authentication key as a header somewhere.

I edited your photo to hide the appID and tableName.

thanks. So I have these informations in the header and also with jason instead of form it says:

Failed to create a request in Webhooks by Zapier

Bad Request (HTTP Status Code: 400)

Can you send us some screenshots of how you’re configuring the headers, with the bearer key blurred out?

this is how it looks like… just the number is longer (the bearer)

Can you also show how you’re constructing the payload type & body part after the payload change?

here you go - xxx is jus a placeholder

Are you configuring this as a GET or POST request?

What happens if you turn the below off?

this is the failure:

Failed to create a request in Webhooks by Zapier

Bad Request (HTTP Status Code: 400)

→ when I change it

I tried both, get and POST. The one I showed here is POST

Why is this saying “Webhook” though? Is there a webhook step in your Zap?

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Ah you mean that is the failure? Look in the screenshot?


Seems like that explains part of your problem. Your screenshot shows a GET request. The documentation for “get rows” uses a POST request.