Not used screen

What happens if we create a screen & end up not using it (updating the action to a detail screen instead of a custom screen for example)

  • Does the user device download anything related to this screen… does it affect app performance (if we have many screens)

Is it better (from an app performance perspective) to use the detail screen of the row and use visibility conditions to customize this screen to show different components rather than to have multiple screens with those components

I find myself deleting components from a screen before removing any link to that screen… i don’t know why.

That’s a good question. I don’t think it would affect anything. Maybe components should only be rendered when you move to that specific screen, and the biggest thing you want to take care of is your backend (how big it is, how you handle computed columns etc).

I do the same thing. It just “feels” like the right thing to do :man_shrugging: