Not to able add Roles though I am on Pro plan

Though I am on Pro plan, I am not able to add User Profiles. Is it a specific bug for my case. I already sent a ticket to Just wanted to check with community, if it is so. Or, is there something else I need to do to set it up.

Hi @vijay

What specific problem are you having with your user profiles? Why do you think it’s not working for you?

But your screenshot shows you are having a user profiles setup already, do you mean the roles part?

Yes, the roles part

Are you on a Private plan?

No, its not a private plan. I am on the Pro plan

Ok. I think I have to learn about setting up User Profiles. I think, I already have the feature and now have to use it properly. Thanks

Glide team could look into changing the text next to Roles to Upgrade to Private instead of Upgrade to Pro. That is what created the confusion for me.