Not Tally with the Row Details

I am not sure what happen but i believe that is the correct row reflection of the view.
But the detail of the row not turning up right way.
can you tell me why and how to overcome this problem ?

eg: normal hour should be 4 , but it turns 8

I also try to put the “Day”. The row should be Saturday but it turn up Monday.
You can see “Saturday” (the right answer) in view data button on the right.

How are you filtering the screen? It looks like it’s displaying the last row in the table rather than the second to last row.

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Before come to this detail screen, i am using inline list and filter this way.

Hm…strange. Ya, it should show 8.

Hmm what should i do …:frowning:

Submit a bug request:

I think i found out the cause. I used the Format Date cccc one.
after i changed , its works fine.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto, for your valuable time. :slight_smile:

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