Not all items created via pp are listed in the sheet

I have created 4 Event items via the form through the use of a Form, all 4 are visible on the app, but I can only see two in the corresponding g-sheet, this is very strange, have refreshed the app and the sheet and still can see the two remaining items.

any ideas? anyone else having a similar issue? could this be a much wider isse?

Sometimes rows are added in the bottom of the sheet I have noticed, have a look down there

AAH! Yes they have been created right at the bottom - have never seen this before - why is that the case? how can i fix it?

:wink: Don’t know why I am afraid, I was quite puzzled as well when it happened to me… It must be a bug I guess…

hmm - what’s the fix? or did you just leave it?

I deleted all empty rows between the ones at the top and the ones in the bottom and just carried on from there. The issue has not come back after that but I guess it could happen again…

This is because you most likely are using an arrayformula in one of the columns. Even though there is no data in those empty rows, the formula goes to the very bottom of the sheet. So when Glide “looks” it sees data at the last row and appends a row for the new record.

I do have an ArrayFormula but on another sheet that is simply replicating the values.

Would this cause an issue further down the track? How can I fix it?

Your best bet is to delete all the empty rows as @Andreas_P suggested. That is what I do with all my sheet whether I have arrayformulas or not. Again Glide handles the add rows just fine this way and you are sure to have continuous data.

Just be sure you do this on any sheet that you plan on adding rows to if it does use Arrayformulas.

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