Non-profit plan

Hello, we have a non-profit plan. I’d like to know if we have access to Big tables up to 100,000 records. And if not, how much would it cost to access to it? Of course, I’d like not to pay $249 :slight_smile: !
In addition, I’d like to know if we have access to Glide Advanced API.
Thank you!

Can you help us answer this @kyleheney ? Thank you.

I just tried to add both a Big Table and a Call API column to an app in my non-profit plan and they seemed to add without issue. If you’ve already got a non-profit plan, try it out and see if it works! Note: I only tried adding them to an app, I haven’t tried actually using/incorporating them into a live project, so I’m not 100% sure if they will work.

Note: Glide can change the features available to the non-profit plan — sometimes newer Business level features are included in the non-profit plan until Glide realizes they wanted it behind the actual Business/Enterprise gate. Even though I can add these features now, it doesn’t mean something could change in the future.


OK thanks