Non-profit plan features

I am unable to view specific screen details and some features in my nonprofit plans. Apart from CSS, is there a way to modify the heading color? What are the features I don’t have in Non-profit plan?

I am not familiar with the non-profit plan, I can only assist for apps on a regular plan.

Other than CSS, there are two places where you can change the background color. The color will

  • either be the accent color (or black or light) in the case of the header which can be set in Settings > Appearance,
  • or the accent color (or black or light) in the case of any section on the screen.

Change the background color of the header

Change the background of any section (container) on the screen

How can I change color of headings? See first Home Screen here:

Did you see what @nathanaelb shared regarding the header in his post?

I am not talking about the header. When I select text, I can’t change it’s color

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 5.28.24 PM

how/where can I see Details is style?

You have two options.

  • Put the text component in a container and change the color of the container background as @nathanaelb pointed out in his second example.
  • Or, create a Rich Text component and fill it with HTML that would make it whatever size or color you want.

Changing text colors:

  • Hint text component
  • A button with an action that does nothing like shuffle
  • CSS
  • Rich text component with HTML

I see only only this:

You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist. Check out our last two answers.

That screenshot is the style of the tab or collection, that has nothing to do with text headings or header backgrounds (my apologies for my confusion earlier).

I am sorry. I am asking 2 different questions:

  1. When I add reach text, where can I change a color of text?

  2. where can I see ‘Details’ in style?

If you want to change the color of text, you will need to add a Rich Text component and add some HTML which will contain the text and set the color of it.

This question doesn’t make sense. Like I said, I think you are trying to look for something that doesn’t exist. Details is just a type of screen layout. Either you have a List or Details. That is all. You are already on a detail screen based on the first page of your app. It has nothing to do with setting text color.

Maybe the better question is why are you trying to look for “Details” in style?

Got it. Thank You.

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