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Hello, again - seems like I should just make a single post with a bunch of questions :laughing:

Is there any way to change the layout of the background, change the font and/or font size?

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You can change it with custom rich text using things like insert text instert text

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So what I mean is the app background itself. Like setting tables, so that say two Text Boxes can be beside each other as opposed to ontop of one another – and changing the entire background - not just a RichText box – that I can do with coding :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty much what you see is what you get. All components are stacked from top to bottom It would be nice to someday place components in a table format, but at this time it’s not an option. You can use markdown tables to build a grid style layout of static text, but not for individual components. You can’t control the background other than selecting your app’s theme.


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A question, unrelated to the App Background, how would a person edit a list of items.

So lets say I gave them a list of items option

Even when I turn on the edit function, it doesnt give me an option to open the list to edit it.

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That’s a choice component. You can’t edit items within a choice component. You would have to use a link to screen button or a tab that gives you access to the source sheet that’s used to populate the choice component.

Hello Jeff,

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Do you have maybe a screenshot series, or screen capture video showing how I would set that up?

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It’s no different than editing a record any other way. You know how to turn on editing on a tab. Just create a tab that points to the sheet that contains the choices.

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