Non-gmail for per-user data?

I am trying to use the per-user data approach to firewall off each user’s data. I seem to be able to get it working when I use a gmail account to authenticate. However, if I use the non-Google login option (in my case a Yahoo email address and the pin number that gets emailed to me), the rows that I create do not populate the email column. I have to believe I’m doing something wrong since I see a lot of other folks using the per-user data approach. Anyone have any ideas?

Hey Mark, sorry you’re having trouble.

I’m not totally following. Are you saying that when you sign into the app with a yahoo email and add data as that user that it’s not populating an email column with the Yahoo email - but when you do it with a google email it is?

Please explain a little more about what you’re doing/expecting & share screenshots/video if poss.


Thanks, Jack. With a fresh mind this morning, I re-traced my steps.
My problems were 2-fold:

  1. I completely missed the step to set the Row Owner property on the Data grid
  2. I realized that I had to explicitly add the Special value component to my Add item form
    All seems to be good now. Thank you!