No Images in Adroid Pixel 5 App

My app’s URL:

I am experiencing an issue seeing images contained in my app when using my Pixel 5 running Android Version 11. None of my images appear. This includes one moderately high-resolution photograph (~ 1 MB), but it also includes very small clip-art-style image files that range between 13 and 100 KB, as well as modestly sized photos in the range of 500KB. The photos are missing from all three tabs of my app, as well as all of the detail screens associated with the tabs.

This issue occurs on my phone, but it persists regardless of whether I am using the downloaded app or when viewing the app through a chrome browser window on the phone. The issue does not present when I am using my desktop, either in a browser window or in the downloaded app.

Can anyone assist in resolving this issue?



Where are the images hosted?


Google Drive, that is.

Are the files publicly shared? You can test this by trying to open the image url in incognito mode, where you are not signed into your Google account.

I also should note that it’s generally advised not to host images in drive. Many people run into issues hosting images there. It’s better if you can host them within Glide.