Nice to meet you all!

Hi Gliders Of The World!

I’m Daniel!
Engineer turned designer
Designer turned strategist
Strategist turned entrepreneur
Entrepreneur turned no-coder

I’m founder and partner of the strategic design studio Stupid ( and a year ago we launched an incubator trying to build startups for positive social impact. One of them: A contract- and consent platform for the Media Industry, I’m trying to build and launch using Glide – And I’m amazed with how much I can do with Glide so far.

I want to keep learning and already feel the responsiveness of this community. I’m eager to help too, and curios to find out how far I can stretch Glide… Dream scenario is that I will never have to shift to a different platform. Fingers crossed.

So, in a nutshell: Hello there! :sunny:


Hello Daniel, what a nice intro, welcome to the family. Happy building, don’t hesitate to share with everyone in the community forum so we all learn and build our projects together.

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Welcome, @Daniel_Gjode! Great to have you here :rocket:

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