Hello! New Glider and no code aficionado out of Chicago

Hi all!

I just signed up and have begun to test drive Glide on a few different projects.

Number 1 is a marketplace for small business owners to buy and sell their used gear.

Looking forward to learning from you all, helping your projects anyway I can as well.



Welcome to Glide :wave:

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Welcome, feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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Thanks @nathanaelb and @ThinhDinh ! I’m sure I’ll have questions.

I’ve gotten serious about building solutions with No Code tools recently. In the hour that I started building my marketplace I found some things easier than expected and already seeing things that are surprisingly challenging.

Really excited and optimistic about the outcome.


Welcome to Glide Justin!

As a former Chicagoan, welcome!

A big, warm welcome from the Glide Team, @justin_m :rocket: