Newbie Gliding In with MVP project

Hi All,

Just signed up to Glide after having tried out Softr and realising how much better this platform is. Spending a few days experimenting and hoping to show something soon.

Starter newbie question - Is there a way of showing more than one piece of data under the heading for the data. (E.g. If I have columns for First Name and Last Name, how do I show both under a single field header titled eg Name)?

Thanks in advacnce


use “template”


Thank you so much! Let me trial it and see. Will let you know how I get along

OKay that worked - thanks so much.!

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Okay, you are welcome

Hey! Great to have you here. :wave:

What was it that impressed you about Glide in comparison to Softr?

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Most things - more intuitive UI and UX, more flexibility in functions, easier to understand videos. And personally, the free plan is great as it has quite a lot features for me to try a MVP until I can get some traction before moving on a paid plan once idea is validated.


Welcome to Glide, Ravin :wave: And as Jack likes to say, “we can’t wait to see what you build.”


Thank you!

Welcome to Glide! It’s a great platform with a great community!