New users unable to login HELP!

Hi Everyone!

We have launched our app for an upcoming event on Monday, and enabled our setting for unlimited users, however, new logins are not allowed (See screenshot).

I logged a ticket but there is no support available over the weekend. I am starting to panic… Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

I wonder if once you reach 100 additional users, it prevents more sign ins as a bit of a safety mechanism so you don’t incur more costs than you’re prepared for. Have you received any email/notification about your usage? Maybe you need to allow more users beyond the additional 100…? I’m just guessing on this, I honestly don’t know.

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Hi, Shauna! Thanks for reaching out! This is indeed a safety measure that you are not accidentally allowing for more than 100 additional users. Before we raise this limit, I would like to confirm that you are comfortable paying for over $500 in additional users

Could you also send me your team ID? It is the 20-character string appended to your URL when you open your team dashboard

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, please remove any blockers so this does not happen again and process the payment immediately. We will have up to 650 users. We communicated this in our initial sales call, so I am not sure why this issue happened. It’s unfortunate as it really hurdled our launch of the app. Please let us know ASAP when you resolved this. Thanks!

My Team ID: 2o7LKuOqX1eJ9WeqJhtW

So sorry to hear this @Shauna_Gonzalez — we’ll review our procedures to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Good luck with the event!

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Just so I understand you correctly, this would mean that you would have 630 additional users above the 20 users included in your plan. At $5 per user, this would be an additional $3,150 on your next invoice.

Is this what you are expecting? If not, was there a custom plan you discussed with our Sales team?

In the meantime, I have raised your team’s ability to add additional users. Your users should no longer be blocked.

Yes that is correct.

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