New to glide - (basic questions)

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

When you upgrade to glide pro, can you put videos on your app that are not YouTube links?

Are you able to give app content for free but direct users to a paid subscription to unlock more content within your app?

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Hey !

Welcome on board the community ! Hope you’ll have a good time here.

About the link, you can embed any link regardless of their origin. So basically yes, you can.

Unfortunately, subscription is not available yet as an official feature. But there are some workarounds (@Rosewebstudio ’s post). You may also want to check the related Feature Requests category where you’ll be able to vote for that request.

Take care ! And let us know

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Have a look at this concept. It may offer you some inspiration


+1 for Payhere. I have recently used it, combined with Integromat. Having a prototype in Integromat makes it easy to set it up for future clients.