New Table Component Issues

The tags on the table component don’t work on a browser or on the app on a phone.

What do you mean by “don’t work”? Are they not clickable for an edit?

Yes the drop down box doesn’t show any options. On my iPhone and on my Macbook. It does work in the builder but not in browser or installed app on any device.

@NoCodeAndy Tagging for visibility, I’m not sure I should direct to support for a preview feature. I guess not?

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Things is working now, thanks guys👍

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Is anyone experiencing issues with the filters feature on the table component?

Yes, i see can’t use computed column fo filter

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Flagging here is the right step. I can escalate it to the product team. Thanks!

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Empty Tables Displayed
We’re having an issue where tables with no data are being displayed whereas previously they would be hidden.

This use case here is a tab functioning as a today’s tasks page. So the tables are filtered to only show rows where the task is dated for today.

Previously empty tables would be hidden but now the title and column headings are visible. Making for a very confusing UI.

Hola Andy,

There still is an issue when the New Table writes in a Text column via a Choice/Tag type. If you try to write a new value in the builder/editor, everything works fine but using a browser (PC) or phone, nothing happens. At first the values ​​appear to be written/saved but in 4-6 sec later, the original values are back on screen. There is something like a ping-pong effect … a headache!

Let me help you with an example, here is my APP running on Windows and this is the table with its original values:

Now this is the same table with new countries selected, they should be sent and saved and my GT to update the results but nothing happened …

My GT still has the original data, it seems it never received my new values ​​(countries) unfortunately:

This problem happens only when writing in Text columns, with Number columns everything works fine!