Tags of a Kanban component doesn't appear


How can i use make a tag parameter appear of a kanban component? I tryied differents types of content, but doesn’t work.

Any tips, folks?

Just to test I put in a text column for the tag, and it seems to appear. Are you saying for you, you aren’t seeing the tag appear like I have “false” appearing under “Joe’s task”?

Also works for an array.

A made a test now with other table and works… seems like a bug pontual.

At this page, doesn’t work.

at this table, works…


I delete all from navigation and create again… now apear… little bug.

Tks MatthewS!

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hi, i found this bug as well, if i remove filter or set in-app filter…here is the video

Had the same issue. This bug happens when you add a filter that doesn’t match the tag. ie. if I filter by “Sales Stage” but display a tag of “Days in Stage” then the tags do not display.

It also appears to happen when you use in-app filters at all.