😭 New Record Forms are making me a little crazy

I spent – let’s say – a little too much time yesterday trying to do this:

Use Case

First, User Input

User creates a new record. In that record they define a number of hours. The form also stores the special value of current time.

Finally, Do Something With That Record

In addition to data stored in the record, I need access to 2 important pieces of data to send to Zapier or Save in Google Sheets:

  1. Computed columns: (For example: End Time = Start Time + Hours)
  2. Details Page Deep Link: (Of the Record that I Just Created)


We want to send text notifications to users at the end time with a deep link to the details page.

Feature Requests

Below are a few feature requests that somewhat overlap but are the result of different ways of trying to accomplish the use case I outlined above.

If I am missing something or you have a suggestion on how to accomplish what I outlined above, let me know!


Yes a special column for the deeplink url id would be great!


Right now I have made a custom action that

edit the row and save the deeplink in a column.
The deeplink column is used in a template column to create a new link.
The action open the link from the template column.
Works like a charm.

Hey @darren, a little trick to get it


Here’s an idea of how you can do it + a trick

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Just forgive me for my English, I crashed several times to speak :rofl: