New Player & Builder Issues

There’s just a couple of things I wanted to mention here,

  1. I’ve noticed the Button Component sometimes has this sort of weird straight line running horizontally off the right hand corners of the button, seems to disappear after switching pages or clicking the button.

Only does this on the New Player it seems, it is hard to reproduce though. I’ll post an image once it happens again, it runs off about a quarter inch or so.

  1. The data doesn’t seem to update as quickly as it did when the New Player first launched and not nearly as quick as the “Old Player”, the data updated nearly instantanously if using Gilde Tables. Now it seems that the user has to close the app and reopen to see the change, otherwise it takes quite a long time to update their app.

  2. When typing in the builder, anywhere in the builder (Adding Titles, typing names, changing data, etc)… The characters either delete themselves while typing, or the cursor jumps to the end of the content for no reason whatsoever.

For instance,

If I was in the middle of typing “Adding New Features Soon”, the text that ends up actually coming out is “Ading ew Featue Soon”.

However, if I’m adding something to the middle of an already existing text…like if I wanted to change the words “see update” to “view results” in the middle of “To see update, head to the message center.”, I would end up with “To vi update, head to the message center. ew results”

Hopefully that all makes sense, feel free to ask questions if this needs more clarification. :+1:t3:



I’ve passed this on to the Glide team, and it’s been acknowledged.