NEW!? Collections Actions in their own TAB!

The collection actions are now in their own TAB. Is this new or have i just been missing out?
This is so much better, it helps to keep things organized. Thanks for this addition Glide team.

With this addition, automations are definitely on the way and then its goodbye MAKE or Zapier…lol for some of us anyways…


I truly hope automations are on the way, but seems like this is just a rearrangement of actions so the building experience is easier for us. Neat one, though.

Calendar & map are the key ones in this week’s update.


Yes…just now seeing would helpful,how can we use it.

Think simple map too working.But showing the wrong map,I’m in India, showing some other country.

There is a bunch of new stuff coming in Pages…

I don’t expect to be getting rid of Make integrations any time soon.