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Good morning all,
I have been trying to make an app for my dept on education related matter but the collection part keep repeating in all the tab, may I know if there is a way to avoid it from happen and let different tab has its own content?
Thank you!

Please include more information and screenshots

Perhaps the below will help…

This is a super-straightforward approach, but it’s not very elegant haha
I think it’s best to specify everything in the data editor

Yes, it’s horrible, I agree.
How would you specify it in the data editor? (completely open to a better approach…)

Well, the original request is completely unclear, but I assume it’s required to display different information for different items (which is what Glide is designed for in the first place). If this information is a collection, then they can create a query to have different collections for different items. If it’s required to have collections from different tables, I only see that as different components with visibility conditions

ah, I see.

Yeah, the way I interpreted the question is that they are looking for the equivalent of the Independent Screen Configuration that we used to have with Classic Apps. So that Custom Action kludge is the closest I’ve been able to find to getting that. I rarely use it myself, probably the only time is when I use a smallish collection as a dashboard/navigation thingy.

Well, if we’re talking about tabs, they work like this already, don’t they?
Plus you can hide tabs and navigate to them with actions

No, not tabs.
What I’m talking about is using a Collection as a navigation menu.
Consider the following:

That’s a Card Collection with each item click doing something different. With Classic Apps, we’d use Independent Screen Configuration on the list. But that’s not an option with Collections, so the way to do the same thing is with a custom item click action.

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Ah, yes, now I remembered that :sweat_smile:
Classic apps feel so long gone

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Hi! Really sorry for the late reply…
I am trying to make an app for my workplace for an upcoming working initiative. However, no matter how I try to toggle the glideapp , the same tabs will appear , I have attached the SS for reference, hope you can advise me on it

The 3rd SS is the overview of the app. The 1st SS is the interface that I want the user to see under the resource tab but it seems like this interface will be reflected on the other than as well.

So you want each item in the Collection to have a different style of details screen?

If that’s the case, you should follow the instructions that I linked to in my very first response.

If you want your collection to be a menu, than it’s best to use multiple one-item collections on the screen and configure on click actions separately

Yuppie I would want it to be like a menu with various different content in each different tab.
Thank you for the reply! I shall try it and let you all know the outcome!