NEW? Bar charts in Pages



Yes, this is new. Thanks for sharing!

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Good find thanks

Playing now

It works nicely…X-axis labels aren’t coming through though.


yeah, and the chart title disappears if you put it inside a container with a dark background.

But, I like it. I started building out some quickcharts for a Pages project today, and about halfway through it occurred to me that I should give these native charts a try - so I did. Pretty decent for a first release :+1:


On the left chart, that navigation to the “next” page is super cool, isn’t it?


Hi, in your screen grab your two charts are alongside each other. I’m looking to do this for up to 5 charts across the width of the page. I can only drop components “down” a form container. Am I missing something obvious?

If you have them inside a container, you can have up to 4 charts side by side.


Thanks Darren. I’ll look again and see how I’ve got it configured. I’ll screenshot when I nail it!

An alternative could be to use a single chart in a full size container, and then use a series of choice components to apply filtering and switch data sources. Here’s an example of how that can look:


that’s a great option. I’ll look at a few configurations. Thanks :+1:

Darren, got there just now. I was trying to use form containers!!! doh!

Well on the way to what I need to get now.

Thanks again. Mitch!

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That’s nice Darren! Do you know if there’s any tutorial available about how to apply filters to a chart?


That looks superb!

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In that example, the filters are just being applied to the underlying data. So you can use whatever method you’d usually use. In my case, I’m just using a combination of User Specific Columns → Single Values → If-then-else. There isn’t actually any filter conditions on the chart, it’s all driven by the underlying table logic.


Hi, under the “options” on a chart, there is a “show filter”. For example, if you have a column set up with different categories per item, Glide will put each of those categories in a dropdown attached to the chart, allowing the user to select.



This is super neat. Great enhancements for Pages.

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Hello, it’s great but why can’t we use the charts like for mobile applications?

Let me explain, in my “Contracts” column I have types of contracts for example “Car Insurance”.

In the mobile app my graph shows the number of contracts I have by type of contract Like if I have 3 “Car insurance” The bars shows me 3.

On Pages the graph displays all the contracts by type individually but I would like it to be grouped like in the mobile app.

Do you know if it that possible ? Thanks !

@Robert_Petitto is that still the case (X-axis labels not coming through?) ? So something wrong with Glide? During the past few days I’ve been trying everything, assuming it must be my fault :wink:

Yes, X-Axis labels on Bar Charts still don’t work.