NEW? Bar charts in Pages

Oh no, what a waste of time :wink:

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Did this bug get fixed?

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Im not sure

@Steve_Mitchell - are you referring to the x-axis labels bug? If so, yes that was fixed a while back.

Yes, fixed

The Y axis is not adapting to numbers below 1:


@Darren_Murphy Hey Darren, I was hoping you could share a bit more about how the combinations work. In particular, how you get the legend to change as I thought that was manually typed in as a value caption and isn’t dynamic.

In that example that I gave, the Chart Title is a template column:

The value in the template is dynamically generated based on the choice component selections:

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Thanks for the quick reply @Darren_Murphy
That helps, but I’m struggling more with dynamic legends for the bars (which change in your video).
I can only get that to work with filters if using a single column with text (e.g. Gender column, with text rows Male or Female, which uses the text as the key), but hoping to get that effect with multiple columns/bars.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.34.27

ah, I see. The X-Axis Item Captions.

I believe the behaviour has changed since I originally made that chart, and you can no longer use column values for that. (I have no idea why :man_shrugging:).
I ended up removing the caption from that particular chart.

CleanShot 2023-08-22 at 15.44.01@2x

If it’s important to have those captions, and make them dynamic, then I think your only option would be to create multiple charts and use visibility conditions to show/hide according to user selections.

Thanks, yes I’ve been using multiple charts with show/hide settings, but was hoping I could get the captions to be dynamic as I’d need a fraction of the charts.

I guess your other option would be to switch to something like for your chart. I sometimes do that once I reach the limits of the native chart component. It would be a bit more work to setup, but it would get you what you need.