New...Add is not working

I am new to this, just signed up yesterday. Everything was going together great until I tried to add a new customer using the add function. Have tested it three times, none of the new customers are being added to my original google sheet. I’ve waited all day to get an answer from someone at Glide and am frustrated as I cannot continue working on this until I figure out why it isn’t working.

My spreadsheet has five sheets. All but one are simple lists of information. The main sheet has only one set of formulas which pull out part the project names and concatenates the pieces into a project number. This is the only piece of information in the sheet that I am not providing through the add. Everything else is in the add form.

Any ideas? I have refreshed the sheets dozens of times since last night.

Are you using any arrayformulas? If so the adds are probably at the very bottom of your sheet, rows 1001, 1002 etc. If you use arrayformulas for any column you should delete all the empty rows. Glide will handle appending a new row on an add.

Did you scroll to the bottom of the sheet to see if the record is there?

I did not think of doing that, and there they are…now I do not think I have any array formulas in my sheet as the one that I was using, we decided not to keep. I will check that now. Thank you so much!!!

Actually, one last quick question. The records are there, BUT the formula did not calculate the project number. Is that Google Sheet error that I need to work on or something else? Like I said, it is pulling pieces of a project name like Sally’s Salon and concatenating those pieces back into our project ID format.

You need to use an arrayformula instead of dragging a formula down all rows. Then you need to delete all empty rows after the last filled row.

Also consider the template column for concating. If you prefer doing it in the sheet, that’s fine, but the template column has it’s advantages as far as speed n getting results back to Glide.

Thank you, I’m having issues with the ArrayFormula so that is my major problem on this one. Thanks for the information.

No problem. You will find that we use arrayformulas very heavily around here. If you ever need help, let us know.