New Action needed – "Add/Set Row": "Add Row" or "Set Columns" if Relation exists

Hi guys,
Since Glide doesn’t support more than 1 step of relations in Computed columns or Filters on GUI – I have to create auxiliary tables to have computed values in real-time.
It’s impossible to have only one row for each unique related item.

It would be great to have the action “Add/Set Row” to either create a row or update existing.

Example: I have the following data logic
Inventory Group → Inventory → Inventory Movements → Warehouse
I need to know the current count of:

  • inventories in each group
  • inventories in each warehouse

For this, I use auxiliary tables “Inv-Group-to-Movements” and “Inv-Warehouse-to-Movements” with relation keys “GroupID-InventoryID” and “WarehouseID-InventoryID” and computed Rollup columns

For each new combination of GroupID and InventoryID I want to have only one row in auxiliary table. So “Add/Set Row” will be ingenious when the user adds a new movement row. On Submit Custom Action then could add/set row in “Inv-Group-to-Movements” and “Inv-Warehouse-to-Movements”.

If-else custom action isn’t good because it allows to have only one IF(many ELSE not helpful here), so we either need multiple IFs in Custom Action Flow, or more than one action assignable to action trigger.

With my approach(“Add/Set Row”) I can use them one after one in Custom Action Flow.

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Editing a whole row?

just add if else columns to check if conditions are met, and then in actions, base if-else on these columns, I know that would be much easier if we can have multiple levels and or … but for now, the only solution is to do multistep if-else multi-columns.
I hope this makes sense lol… is hard to explain

It’s like UPSERT pattern. Developers, please consider adding this action.

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+1 to this, an UPSERT option would solve so many of the problems I’m running into with Glide Tables