Need to Help to Set up

Hi Everyone,

I am Tina and I am very new to the app but found it great as I conduct a lot of vaccination drives and want to know if anyone can help me set this up for the 1st time.


Welcome @Tina_Seddon.
What type of app do you want to build, ie.

  • for who? (individuals, companies…)
  • what key features?

Hey , I conduct vaccination drives and have alot of data on Excel. I want to be able to use it in Glide which allows us easy access when in the drive, reports out well as well in terms of who checked in and who did not show up.

This is not for an org but I am volunteer and the kind of data that we keep is mostly people in the area interested to get vaccinated.

Hi Tina, welcome to the community.

Since your data is already in Excel, you can follow the information in this document to convert them to Google Sheets for use in Glide: Convert Excel to Sheets.

I’d also take a look at the free “for work” templates that Glide provides as possible bases for you to build you app on top of. Apps For Work