Need Suggestion for my upcoming App

Hello Guys,

I am working on my App which will have yearly subscription based (Three Plans) DSC Management Services. Anyone from Public can use this App using their email id. Right now, I have finalized the Sign Up flow for which I require your suggestion, if anything can be improved in this.
Please note that, I have still not integrated Payment option for making payment for the subscription yet so when you reach to payment page, you can just click to Next and it will show you final page.

My App link is

You guys are requested to login to App and browse till last page and suggest if anything needs to be changed or modified to improve it in better way. Your suggestions would be valuable.


In the plan selection page, I find the inline list with plan details redundant, if you are going to show the details of the plan based on the selection of the plan at the bottom. Right now, I had to check if what was shown above and what was shown after the selection was the same information (reading the fine print).

How do you plan to accept payments?

I am currently exploring two options: Razorpay and Instamojo.

I haven’t found a payment service where I can pass the product name and the amount as part of the url.
As a result, I have to create these specific product pages on the platform. If the number of products is small, it is manageable, but it is not if the number of products is large.

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Thanks for this. I will remove the inline list of plan.

I saw @Manan_Mehta used Razorpay in his App which I feel will be the best for such cases as it also has Subscriptions Plan ( which can be useful in my case. However, I haven’t figured out on how to configure. As of now, configuring payment is my last “To-Do” list.

I will also check Instamojo. Thank you for suggestions.

Ideally, since in my case, there are only 3 plans, that will be manageable.

Thank you for all your suggestions.