Need proper date conversion instructions?

I designed it in the form, collected the sender’s input date, and the application used the calendar to keep track. However, the display time is backwards compared to my design (dd / mm / yyyy). (same picture)


Following some tutorials, I have tried to apply the formula columM = TEXT (J2: J; “mm / dd / YYYY”), however this column M does not automatically update when there is new data information from sender. The M column is empty after the user has chosen to submit the form

Look forward to the instructions. Thanks very much

A few things:

  1. The calendar layout will use the date settings of your devices location. It can appear differently for people around the world, base on their local settings.
  2. You can adjust the date format in the data tab of the Glide builder. Again, I believe this will show differently based on the user’s location.
  3. If you still choose to use the formula in the sheet (I personally wouldn’t for something like this), then you should be using an arrayformula to set the date format. Arrayformulas are automatically applied to all rows in the sheet. Including new rows.

thank you Jeff_Hager, i had made it.

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