Need idea to alert me if someone login newly

How can I know if someone login newly?any ideas

Have you seen this tab on your Google Sheet?
Only for logins. With email (dummy or real). If the user remains logged, there’s no log in this tab.
If it’s not enough, you may consider tracking the click on your login Action somewhere with an Add Row and all info you need (Date/Time, UserName, Mail, etc.), but this will cost you 1 to 2 rows per click (so that counts in your 500 rows quota if you’re on a free plan).

You can theoretically do something like this with Integromat. First, create a “Notified?” boolean column in your user profiles sheet.

  • Use a Google Sheet module as a starter, look for new rows in your App: Logins sheet to take the email of users who logged in and created a log.

  • Use another Google Sheet module to search the email found in step 1 in your user profiles sheet.

  • Add a filter for the next step, only going forward if Notified is not true, else send an email to yourself and then update the row found in step 2 with the true value for Notified column (2 nodes).