Need Help With An Issue on App

I will try to explain this as best as I can. I have an app for students and one page lists some articles and posts to read. I have 7 sets of content each with multiple sections in each set (40 Days of… with 40 entries to read). I have the 7 titles listed on a page in a Collection format. Currently they all open to the same set of content. See video at link: Dropbox

That’s how detail screens work. The layout is always tied to the table. That source of 7 Titles is one table. It works like that because if you had 1000 titles, you wouldn’t want to have to design 1000 different screens. You design it once and the rest of it is data driven.

With that said, I want to first ask if it’s necessary to have each title’s content in separate tables. Ideally it would all be in the same table with an additional title column and you would just create a relation linking the title table to the content table and you set up your collection in the title detail screen to use the relation as it’s source. Set it up once and you never have to touch it again for any of the other title detail screens or any you may add in the future. The relation does the work for you. You also have the option to forgo the relation and instead use a filter, but I always prefer to use relations for things like this.

Now if you insist on having separate tables for the content, then you have a little more set up. One option is to create separate collections that point to each content table and set up visibility conditions for each collection. The other option is to set up a custom action on your title collection. The custom action would need separate IF branches for each title to open separate New Screens. Ultimately this would cause you to have to design and maintain each screen 7 times instead of once.


I do not have to have it the way it is. I would prefer it be set and done like you suggested. How would I go from how it is now to what you suggested?

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I would merge everything from each individual content table into one single table. In the one table, add a title column and fill it with the appropriate title that corresponds with the content in each row.

Then create a relation in the title table that links the title to the title in the content table. Then you can set your content collection in the title detail screen to be sourced from the relation.

If you create a new default app, that’s exactly how this works with regards to Categories/Things or Companies/Contacts, so that would be a good example of what you need to do.


That makes sense. Thank you Jeff.

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yes, I made this change when I upgraded to the new glide versions. Condensed most of my data into one table and used relations for the collections… It made managing the app soooo much easier!

You won’t regret it. @TMAC50