Need help on Landing Page Design

Hi folks,
I am new to Glide and currently using it to design and develop a mobile apps for real estate marketplace. In the landing page design, I don’t seems to be able to find a way to design the landing page with edge-to-edge full screen background image and a search bar in the middle of the page just like the home page shown below:

appreciate any thoughts or advice please?

Hello, Leon!

I think that it is impossible to make exactly what you wish in Glide now. There are a lot of variants of how to get similar result. For example, you can make a full-screen image with a link to catalogue page. The other variant is to make an arrow at the image which will show that the catalogue and search is on another tab of the app. Or you can just make image and inline list below it.

Maybe there are other variants, it depends on your imagination)

Thanks @Petr_Shemyagin for your quick response and suggestions. I have tried using an image component as background image but it won’t fill up the entire screen edge to edge which is a bummer. I was hoping to design a minimalist landing page as this seems to be a common design trend but if this is not possible, I will have to try other options / variants as suggested.


You could use a portrait sized picture. Glide will fit the width of your image to your phone screen width - and it that way you can get a full screen image

In settings, use black theme (and do not use Match device theme)

I made a very simple app - take a look and get inspired (it is copyable)

I made the image link to another screen

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Thanks @Krivo for your tips and sample app. The background image certainly looks better but unfortunately, without search bar, the user experience is somewhat compromised. I will need to go back to the drawing board to consider other options or simply use an inline list on landing page.

@Leon_Lim Added an inline list at the front page - and made it searchable. Will that help you?

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@Krivo - yes, i guess inline searchable list is probably the way to go and thanks again for your help.