Full Size Images in Glide Pages

Can we get an option to have full size images in Glide pages like in apps. These images would ideally go edge to edge in the image component.

Currently the only way to do something similar would be using the background > image option with containers but they can not easily be controlled between different screen sizes or emulators.

What would you use that for, Justin? The current image component shows a pretty large image using the auto setting.

I am trying to make a full size image/background to a container so that it can be used as a hero image. It currently can not be rendered properly using either the container background, or has margins as your image above. I would like it to be edge to edge to take up the entire area of the container.

Ah, ok. This is a feature I have asked about as well. I’ll let the dev team know I’m not the only one asking. :slight_smile:

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