Need Help : Lost layouts

I’m building an App (public with email access) to allow locals to order food from local Providers. It’s working fine on the Clients side, they can select/order products as well as modify, follow, and cancel their orders.

The problem is on the Providers side where I start to use “User Profiles” feature to allow each of them to add/modify their products. I have 8 Providers. For Provider #1 and #2 it works, but when I set the same type of layout to other Providers (#3 to #8), after a certain time (or action ?? but I don’t know which one) they disappear suddenly and sometimes before I finish the setting !!. I enter it several times (means about 100 pages to configure each time) and spent 2 days without understand what could be the reason:

Is it a Glide bug ? is it a consequence of the “None” issue ??, see other topic "[Forms data columns only sets to “None”]
Is it a Design issue ? in that case I don’t know what to do ! Afaik, setting a new TAB is not possible because it can’t be masked to Clients.

I’m ready to provide copy of my app, with all necessary explanation: DB organization, scenario, … to who is ready to help me. May be Jeff as we already exchange on my App since the beginning ? Anyway thanks in adavance to who will help me? I’m completely blocked by this bad behaviour.

Could you maybe show a video of what’s happening?

Hi Mark, thanks for your reactivity !

I really don’t know what happens, all works perfectly now for Providers #1 to #8 !!
I promise you I didn’t make any change since yesterday, and the “None” issue disappear too !!

Of course I’m happy, but on the other side I’m now little bit sceptic on the reliability because I don’t know the reason. As I didn’t made any change, the only explanation seems to be Glide bug.

May I ask you a favor, could you please ask internally if the “None” issue could explain the strange behavior of “disappearance of the new layouts I build” I had yesterday ? You know what I mean, I select Glide layout with components, filters, etc, and when I come back few minutes after, without doing anything, the setting disappeared and new basic component are proposed by Glide. To be more clear, please note that this has nothing to do with the change of Glide layout (per screen), here the point is that all component, filters, … I have chosen on several screens has been lost.

…or let me know if an other issue has been solved in the meantime that could explain the problem I had yesterday.

Attached screenshots of yesterday where you can see the “None” issue for some components.

This “None” issue was solved yesterday. It was this issue:

Are you saying you don’t see the problem anymore?

Yes exactely ! I don’t have the “None” issue anymore.

Do you think both problems (“None” issue" and “Lost Layouts”) may be linked ?

It’s important for me to know if the new App’s Design (I made quite a lot of significant modifications yesterday) et Screens configuration (Use of user profiles feature, selection of components, Filters, Visibility, etc) has something to do or not with the problem I meet yesterday.

Hi Mark, could you please ask to remove this topic (this whole discussion) because it’s no more an issue and because this problem of “lost of layouts” is already mentioned by myself in Forms data columns only sets to "None" anyway ?