Need answers about what can implemented in Glide from functions in the topic

Hello there, everyone! Recently I’ve met a potential customer who needs an app to be made. I read his technical task and I don’t know whether many of the stuff from there can be implemented in Glide or not. I even asked ChatGPT about it, but it gave many outdated info, so I need your help so I can be sure what can I do before taking the order.

Here is the list of what’s needed, but I don’t know whether can it be done on Glide or not:

  1. Integration of Haut.AI (, which analyses skin.
  2. After the skin is tested, there will be recommendations for the user which product he/she should use depending on test results.
  3. In user profile skin test result and recommendations for skin care will be stored along with featured products from the marketplace.
  4. Ability to take picture in the app before usage of the product, during the usage and after the usage. I thought of just using Image picker for that.
  5. Placement of customer’s partners’ products within the marketplace.
  6. Ability to make mini-instructions and description of these products. is linked as an example of that. I thought of Details screen
  7. Ability to be sent to Amazon buy product page right from the app. I suppose Open link is needed for this one.
  8. Ability to show Amazon ratings of the product within an app.
  9. Strapi integration for content management. If I get it correctly, one can manage content within Glide itself, so I doubt it is needed, but I still need confirmation.
  10. Facebook SDK is needed for retargeting. Maybe in Glide Facebook API can work? I don’t have experience with that yet.
  11. Appsflyer integration for analytics. Maybe Google Analytics can fit instead?
  12. Integration with Amazon (so that you can track purchases not through UTM tags).

Sorry about asking so much, but this seems like a unique experience I can get as a developer. I have some experience and I have some thoughts what can be done, but I’m asking because I need to be sure that I can implement this. I can’t test myself due to not having PRO plan nor money for it, so I can ask the customer to buy PRO tariff and invite me so I can make this app. In the end my question is the following: what can be done on Glide from these, what can’t be done and what are the possible alternatives which will work? Also one more question: are apps made on Glide work both on Android and IOS regardless of their versions?


Hey Johnny welcome to the community :partying_face:

Please consider revising your question and making it a bit more digestible. Maybe break it down into a few separate topics (but not all at once :wink:)

Generally speaking anything is possible. You might find some of your answers in previous discussions on this forum or in the documentation itself.

First of all Glide apps work across all devices and OS. iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet… all of them :sunglasses:

Never used it but if they have an API then that could work.






Again for the last few if they have an API then that could work. You might need to use a 3rd party like Make or Zapier to connect all the moving pieces.


Thanks a lot for answer. Perhaps later if I have more questions, then I will ask them in separate topics, yeah.

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Also giving you info: yes, Haut.AI has an API. If stuff like skin test with subsequent recommendations depending, placement of partners’ product within the marketplace and other stuff I mentioned is actually doable, then could you please tell me how can be implemented? At least approximately so I can get the idea. Facebook and Amazon both have API, yes. I just don’t know what exactly API is needed for Facebook retargeting for example.

If I got it correctly Appsflyer also has an API, but can Google Analytics replace it? Asking just in case. Strapi has REST API, I suppose I need Make to connect it.

The original post was a lot to digest, I suppose it would be clearer if you can explain what user experience/flow you aim for with each of these, then we can discuss what’s possible and what’s not.

E.g: User signs up, complete their profile, then upload a picture of their skin, can we use Haut.AI to analyze that image and get something back.

Do you have some sort of a wireframe already? That would help with the visualization part.

I can tell how the app is supposed to function: the user signs up, he/she can buy products on Amazon through this app, he/she can also take a picture of their skin, upload it, take a test with Haut.AI and after the test they will get recommendations about which product to use best for their skin and depending on what their featured/ordered products, they will also get similar products retargeted through Facebook. That’s how I understood it.

Here is how skin test is supposed to look:

Then I assume you would have to look into the response from Haut API, add columns needed, and build a data structure that helps you with the part of “recommendation”. (I.e this metric means the user should be recommended the product that has this characteristic etc).

Once the user views the products, you can simply add the Amazon link as a button for them to open. If the Amazon API allows pulling the rating back, you can use that.

I don’t have any ideas on how to retarget them on Facebook, though. Hope someone with more knowledge can chime in on the Strapi, Facebook, Google Analytics part.

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That was really helpful, thanks!

If I will actually get this order, then perhaps later I will made separate topics about Facebook retargeting.