Need advice

I have seven different excel databases of “like” industries and I would like an app on Glide in which a user can type in a zip code and have it populates with “like” professionals in that given area.

I need help configuring the Excel files to do this. I would also like experience in creating an area in which more people can join the app. Preferably one where they could add a profile with a photo or company logo.

I am also looking for advice on creating an advertising driven or paid for app…is it possible to do this?? if yes, can you briefly explain how to go around it?

So I assume you have a table of professionals, and each professional is tied to a ZIP code? If you haven’t done that, you can structure your table to be like that, and the search in a collection would be enough to show the corresponding professionals.

This would be collected in an onboarding process.

Do you mean you want to monetize the app? What features do you think people would pay to use? Do you plan to have a freemium model or something else?