Need a dynamic cache time

I need to use a dynamic cache time on the call API column. I need this to be able to update a bill list just after I have created it without having to use webhooks. The standard cache time I use is 1440 (24 hours) and I need it to change just on the line(cliente) at the moment right after I create a new bill. I tested it changing it to 1(1 minute) after creating the bill, but it looks like didn’t work. How can I do this?


The cache time can be pointed to a column. Maybe you can implement logic in an if-then-else column to dynamically change it between 1 and 1440? Or do you mean even if you use 1, it didn’t work?

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I tried it, but when I change it to 1 it doesn’t seem to be updated by 1 minute periodes. I haven’t found any video or tutorial showing this dynamic cache time working. Did you know anyone who have done it yet?

I doubt it, since it’s very new. If it’s not working as expected, please submit a ticket.