Syncing/refreshing API column manually


Is there a way i can set a button for my user to refresh an API COLUMN?

The refresh rate in the API column even set to 1 minute doesn’t seem to work.
My app is in EXTRA data sync mode.

(i answer other posts in a bit)

If you can pass it a value that changes each time a button is pressed, then it would probably work. Maybe set a unique ID or something similar. Something that isn’t necessary needed for the API and can be ignored by the API, but would still trigger it at the same time.


Thanks Jeff.

The problem is coming from the fact my API CALL is to a Glide big table from another app that i use for all users.

And big tables don’t update real time. (Glide documentation)

I had decided to use Big table because they are the only one we can QUERY with an API CALL (SQL select, order etc).

I therefore have to go back to normal Glide table…
So my API call gives me a json output with all the rows of the table.
So from there i have to find a way to order and filter this JSON…
I was thinking transforming the JSON into an Array so i can use Query column on it.

My blockage now: transforming a json with n rows into an array i can query.

Is your query dynamic? Maybe using a SQL data source can work here?