My user specific column is not saving one row per answer on the form

Hey people!

I have a form which each answer should create a row on my data base and for that i am using the user specific columns, but everytime i input a new answer, it is replacing the first row, does not save the answers or create new rows.

Here i am showing what is going on:

What does the action on your button look like?

It adds a row, sets column values and gives a success answer for the user

Your Add Row action is not writing any values. I see you left all of the column values blank. That’s why you have a new row that’s empty.

Your Set Column action is updating ‘This Item’, which is the current row you are on, which is the first row.

If your intention is only to add a row, then your Add Row action should be doing the work, and you should not need the Set Column action. The only reason you would need a set column action is to maybe clear out the user specific columns to prepare them for the next time you submit the form.


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