AddRow vs Set Column Value - doubling the updates for custom forms?

I use a custom form for input. The logic is:

If the ‘form’ doesn’t exist
Add Row
Set Col Value

However, I can’t set all the column values when I add a row. In fact, one important boolean value does not show up when I select add row versus when I Set Col Values. (PS - I just added the Set Column Values after the Add Row to set the boolean value because I did not realize it was not there)

I assume this doubles the update count because I have to add a row and then Set Col Values to clean up.


If you are just hard setting the boolean to true, then I would just create a template column in your user profile with a value of true, and then use that in your Add Row action.

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Thanks - I cleaned up the logic (but will use your idea instead) but I still don’t understand why all the columns are not visible when I do an ‘Add Row’ to a table versus a ‘Set Column Value’ to the same table.

Is it because this column is a user specific column?

Yes. User Specific Columns rely on Row ID’s being established already. When you are adding a row, it does not have a Row ID assigned yet, so USC columns would be left dangling in the hidden user specific table with no link to it’s original row. With no assigned row ID (because the row doesn’t exist yet), there is no way to fill user specific values because it can’t link to the correct row.

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Thanks Jeff.

@david / Glide Product Manager - This sounds like a Glide issue since Glide creates the row and the RowID it should be able to correctly order the transaction to accept a USC element instead of ignoring it requiring a Set Column Value after the fact to add the value to the Row.

Also it is not documented that a USC can not be populated with Add Row.

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