HELP! Compound Action: Not able to add to a User-Specific Column?

I’m working on a compound action and would love to use the “Add Row” prompt to place content into a “User-Specific” column, but just discovered that may not be possible!!! Is that true?? If so, is there a work around??

**Fingers crossed its a user error and I’m just overlooking something!

I’s not possible, and I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

First, filling a user specific column with a value is only going to fill it for the singed in user. It will be blank for everybody else unless the app provides the ability to change it in that same row. In most situations, if you are adding a row that needs to have data specific to a user, you are usually adding the signed in user’s email, so the row can be linked to them.

Second, user specific columns need a rowID to work and use it to link that row to a hidden table that holds the user specific values, along with the row ID and the signed in users email (I’m guessing here). When you are adding a row, the row id is not assigned until the row is written. If glide allowed you to set a value in a user specific column, I think there would still be problems because glide wouldn’t now how or where to link that user specific value, because the RowID is generated after the row is written.

I guess it would help to understand your use case and why you need to write to a user specific column when adding a row.


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