My shopping cart checkout is not working?

So, I created a very simple shopping cart on my app. It contains a few items, not very sophisticated. My friend placed an order on a “test” product to see how/when/where the notification was going to go when an item is purchased. She is unable to complete the purchase. She gets a message that says “This item is no longer available”. Why is this happening?
Do I need to have some sort of “inventory” column to identify how many items are in stock? Not sure what other column I might be missing from my table?
This is the message she received when trying to make my “test” purchase…

You must take values from static columns and not use calculated ones.

This are my settings at the time…

what is the Stripe button feed?

All of them are static and not empty? try to manually enter them

Static? These don’t allow me to enter anything manually, each has a drop down menu. I selected the information that I thought needed to be pulled. Perhaps there is a way I can enter information manually?
This is what I see…

not in the stripe button… directly in the table editor, to make sure these are not empty… make sure the amounts have no currency symbols

This is what my table looks like…

These are the products I currently have, plus the test product my friend was trying to purchase. Not sure what portion is empty? Or do I need an extra column with additional information?

try to remove $ from the price, fill up all descriptions, remove add to shopping cart check mark

Let me try those changes.
If I remove the add to shopping cart check mark, it leaves the buy button only. This doesn’t allow users to add multiple items at time. Is there a way I can still have them shop before the final check out? Also, is there a way to show when an item is in the cart?

I do not use a stripe cart, I always make my own, It never work for me, I gues you need to set it up with stripe

Thank you for your help. Since this is your specialty, how much would it cost to set up a shopping cart like mine? I don’t plan on going world wide but basically just for friends and family.
I’m thinking of taking the shopping cart off until I’m able to resolve the issue.
Once again, thank you so much for helping me throughout this entire process :star_struck:

try this cart… I made a simple sample here:

My pricing is on the Home page, and a link to book me.

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Thank you!